Our Work

We build turnkey solutions for your visual merchandising, retail, restaurant or hotel environments. Through the use of aesthetics, we can help you increase sales.

Retail Stores

Wiisource is a full-service developer of visual merchandising and retail environments. Our procurement team sources the most competitive quality and price of materials from small shops to department stores. Our 20 years of experience will help us plan, design, manage, and roll-out your retail vision.

Mannequins and Props

Wiisource collaborates with your visual team to find the right merchandise and displays. Whether stock items or a custom program we will source and develop everything from mannequins, props, and accessories for your visual program.



Wiisource is committed to manufacturing premium quality furnishings for the hospitality market. We can help reduce costs and provide the best quality for your hotel amenities, conference and guest rooms. 

Restaurants and Catering

By utilizing our procurement team, we can help reduce the operating supply costs and optimize supplier relationships for all your restaurant furnishing. We can create your hospitality environment based on your business needs and innovative vision.

Millwork & Metal

Wiisource has an incredible relationship with the top millwork and metal shops across North America and overseas. Whether it’s ready to go in stock or custom fixtures and cabinetry we can provide the right source for all your needs.

Office Furnishing

From small office to special or customized furniture, fixtures, and equipment, we can offer and source the best vendors suited for your project.

Real Estate Furnishing

We provide staging and procurement for condo and residential projects. From 500 sqft. apartments to larger homes. Count on Wiisource to research for the best quality furniture.

In-Store Digital Solutions

Wiisource works with reputable wholesalers and digital content creators who provide the latest trendy and practical digital lifestyle solutions. Whether it’s a P.O.P. display or a fixture that needs to tell your brand’s story we have what you need.